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Pocket Gems releases Tap Paradise Cove & Tap Campus Life for Android

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Pockets Gems love their “Tap” games, and they’ve released two more just in time for the Holidays with Tap Paradise Cove and Tap Campus Life. As we’re taking a look at two Android games we’ll start with Tap Paradise Cove, a building game that lets you turn an interesting island into a full-fledged tropical paradise. You’ll have to transform your lil’ island village into Paradise Cove as you take on quests, build shops, and discover ancient mysteries all around the island. Tap Campus Life is a complete 360 from Paradise Cove as this one lets you create the hottest sorority house on campus. You’ll do all the things that a sorority does like get makeovers, throw parties, and buy hot fashions with the girls as you have to have the hotties if you’re going to run the top sorority on campus. You’ll even get to design your own sorority house and recruit new members to make your house tops on campus. Pocket Gems publishing actually released three games this week with Chasing Yello which we covered a few days back. I love seeing variety from publishers and a building game, a sorority sim, and an endless swimmer screams variety and better still all three games are free. If you enjoyed Pocket Gems previous efforts there’s no doubt you’ll dig their newest titles. You can read a bit more about Chasing Yello here or pick up Tap Paradise Cove and Tap Campus Life on Google Play.

Tap Paradise Cove

Tap Campus Life

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