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Pocket Gems unleashes Tap Safari into the Android Market

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Pocket Gems is well known for their series of “Tap” related Android Games, and they’ve just released another one called Tap Safari. As you might have guessed, this new tapper involves lots of exotic animals as you manage and run your very own Safari park. If you’ve played any of Pocket Gems other Tap games you’ll basically know what to expect from Tap Safari.  The game offers over 70 new exotic Safari animals that can be added to your park and also lets you crossbreed them to come up with strange new combinations. There are plenty of items you can decorate with as well as nobody wants to go to a dull Safari Park. As you build up your park you’ll get cash which you can use to buy new species and new amenities for your park; you can also hire rangers to keep watch on things while you’re away. As it’s a time-based game having rangers will definitely come in handy as you don’t want your poor little critters to starve to death.


If you enjoyed Pocket Gems previous titles you’ll definitely want to grab Tap Safari. While it does follow the same pattern of their other games, it’s still a lot of fun to play the “wild” new setting makes this game stand apart from the others. It’s also an Android Exclusive title which is great as you can brag about this one to your iPhone wielding friends. If you’re in the mood to tame a few wild beasts you can head on over to the Android market and pick up Pocket Gem’s Tap Safari for free.