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Pop Planets with Planet Busters from Exit Strategy Entertainment

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Planet Buster is a new Match-3 Android game from Exit Strategy Entertainment that drops you into a swashbuckling space adventure with a pirate girl named Annha. A space themed Match-3 game with pirates? Sounds pretty cool actually, but the real question is does it stand out from the other 3,000 match-3 games in the market. The gameplay in Planet Buster is about what you’ll find in any other Match-3 game as you’ll select a shape then select another one anywhere on the board to swap them. When you get three or more in a row they’ll “pop” and more will drop into their places. There are a few things that make Planet Buster different though; every move you make will cost a gold piece from your bag so you’ll need to think before moving. If you see any planetary objects with little coin icons on the gameboard you’ll definitely want to try and match those to get some coins back. The game also throws a few challenge levels your way as you’re traveling around the island. The first one an encountered was “Clear the board with one move” which was a nice, if difficult change of pace. There seems to be quite a bit of depth to this little puzzler, and the storyline is a plus as it looks like there will be several other games in the Pirates of New Horizons series.


I’m really not a huge fan of match-3 games, but there are a few of them I really like and so far Planet Buster is on that short list. I’ve enjoyed the space theme of the game and traveling around the island to get to the next level or challenge is a nice change. You can receive special weapons from completing the challenge stages as well which adds a little depth to the game and makes it more than just a mindless jewel busting game. While I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Planet Busters so far I really like what I’ve seen and plan on spending more time with the game this weekend. You can try the first 4 levels for free in the lite version of Planet Busters or get the whole package with the full version for only $1.99.