Sneezies is a new Android game from Retro Dreamer that puts a twist on your classic bubble popping games. The game does involve bubbles, but it also has sneezing powder and some cute little creatures known as the Sneezies… Somehow the Sneezies have become trapped inside bubbles and your job is to set them free. You’ll do this by “dropping” sneezing powder near one or more of the fuzzy creatures which sets off a chain reaction of sorts. When one Sneezy sneezes he’ll be blown back and when his bubble pops any sneezies nearby will catch the cold and sneeze themselves. Sneezies has 4 different game modes with Classic, Socre Ex, Challenge, and Free Popping. The world of Sneezies has around 38 different achievements to unlock and gives you the option to remove the annoying ads through Sneezies coins. Coins are earned by playing or downloading other apps and the ads are present during gameplay so you’ll want to ghost those as quickly as possible if you dig the game.


Sneezies is a colorful, fun bubble popping game that anyone in the family can easily pick up and play. The only drawback to the game are the ads, they are the annoying “in-game” type and while they can be removed it’s going to take some time or a lot of downloads. Overall, it’s a great time-killer though and its free which is always nice. If you feel like popping a few bubbles, head on over to the Android market and pick up Retro Dreamer’s Sneezy.

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