Seems like the week isn’t complete without some Zombie related Android news, and this week is no different as Popcap’s popular game Plants vs. Zombies is finally, officially available in the Android Market. Peggle, another of their popular games has also made the jump to the market, but we all know it’s all about those pesky Zombies.  PvZ has been available on Android for awhile now, but only through Amazon’s App store which left some people out in the cold until today.

If you’re not familiar with one of the most popular games around, the premise behind Plants vs. Zombies is simple. You have to defend your house against wave after wave of Zombies using a variety of deadly plants. Some plants will slow down the undead while others blow them to pieces; in all the game has around 50 deadly plants that can be used on 26 hungry Zombies. Plants vs. Zombies also offers gamers 50 levels of fun in Adventure mode where you’ll battle to the death day and night, in swimming pools, through fog and on rooftops if you can make it that far. There’s also a Zombie almanac, achievements and a few other extras thrown in for good measure.

If you haven’t played Plants vs. Zombies you’re really missing out on one of the best games out there. It’s won countless awards for a reason, and that reason is evident when you first fire up the game then realize you’ve been playing it for 3 hours straight. Gaming giant EA has brought a lot of good games to the market lately, and while they’ve botched a few I’m sure they did a great job with PvZ. I’d highly recommended this game to anyone and everyone as it really is that fun. You can head on over to the market and pick up Plants vs. Zombies (and Peggle) for $2.99.

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