Pops – Themes for Your Alerts Android App Review

For more than a week now, I’ve been using this new app called Pops – Themes for Your Alerts on my Samsung Galaxy S II. This Android app has one purpose – to alert you of incoming messages. The app sends notifications when your phone is in idle mode and works for emails, SMS, Facebook or Twitter alerts. Sounds pretty simple, right? Wait there’s still more to this app than just being a notifications, alert – sending Android app. Remember the days when ringtones are so popular among the younger crowd? Pops -Themes for Your Alerts wants to recreate the same enthusiasm and excitement for Android smartphones. Yes, Pops wants to be the ringtones for the smartphone generation, specifically young Android phone owners. Instead of ringtones though, Pops uses videos and beautiful animations to alert you of incoming messages. Cool right? So, how does the app works? Once you’ve installed Pops Android app, the app will immediately download the different “packs” which are available for you to use. There are currently more than 50 packs available and when downloading any of them, you’ll be ask to authorize the app to use your accounts. Once this is all set, the next time you receive a new SMS, Facebook message and Twitter mentions, DMs or new tweet, you’ll be alerted by Pops with the “pack” you’ve chosen and downloaded. Take note, most of the alert notifications are so fun and loud that you might want to opt not to use it when you’re in a meeting. Unless you want everybody’s attention to focus on you. In addition to the packs currently available the app also lets you create your own alerts. You may do so by taking a picture or capturing a video of anything, your kids perhaps, or use existing photos or videos from your Android phone.            Another nice feature of the app is that it logs all your notifications into one display. So if you missed an alert for an incoming message, you can see a notification icon on your phone’s status bar. You can clear all of these alerts once you’ve read the messages related to them in one tap. Pops – Themes for Your Alerts is a pretty unique approach to alert notifications. The available animations are pretty cool so far and it will appeal to the younger Android smartphone owners. Although I doubt if the more matured owners will appreciate this one. Although I did, and I know that most of my friends also enjoyed using the app, but only for a couple of hours. Anyway, if you want to liven up the otherwise boring notification system of your Android smartphone when for  incoming SMS, Facebook or Twitter message, you may want to give this Android app a try. The app is free to download from the Android Market.

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