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Popular Airport Scanner Game is coming to Android in June

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airport.scanner-androidAirport Scanner is a popular mobile game that was released on iOS last year, and the team at Pocket Gems is working with the Kedlin Company to bring the game to Android next month. Ready to see what a day in the life of a Security Screener is like?x.ray.scanner If you are a frequent flyer, you know that Airport Scanners can be a huge pain. It can’t be much fun for the folks behind the scanner either. Airport Scanner is going to let you see what it’s like to man a scanner at an airport, and it’s much more fun than it sounds. You’ll use the X-Ray 2000 to search for illegal material which includes contraband like firearms and medieval maces. You simply need to find and tap on the contraband – the TSA agents take care of the rest with brutal efficiency. You’ll earn “bucks” for making it through a level, and you use said bucks to buy cool upgrades that will make your job a little bit easier. You won’t have any supervisors standing over your shoulder, but you will have a timer ticking away in the background which tends to make things tense. I played Airport Scanner on iOS when it was first released, and am glad to see it finally making its way to Android. The game also serves the greater good as Kedlin hasx-ray.scanner2 teamed up with Dr. Stephen Mitroff of Duke University’s Visual Cognition Lab who will use anonymous gameplay data to try and understand what makes someone a better visual screener in an effort to improve airport security. There has been no word on an exact date or pricing yet, but we know it’ll be out in June and that the iOS free. We’ll have more on Airport Scanner when it hits Google Play, until then you can check out the trailer below if you to get a glimpse at the gameplay.