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Powellware releases Mars Images for Android

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People have wondered about the possibility of life on other planets for ages, and Mars has always been a popular subject for extraterrestrial life. NASA has a rover called the Opportunity Mars Exploration Rover on Mars now snapping pictures of everything it comes across. It’s taken some very cool pictures, and thanks to an Android App called Mars Images from Powellware we can view them from our Android devices. When you first open the app you’re given a long list of image thumbnails, and when I say long I mean it. I scrolled down for a few minutes and the images just kept loading; I’m not sure how many are there, but I’m guessing it may be all of the pics from the mission. The pictures are labeled somewhat, but there isn’t a way to sort through anything so you’ll just have to browse the thumbnails. When you pull an image up you’re able to zoom in & out, pan or set the image to old-school 3D which is a nice touch. There is a button that gives you a little information on the picture, and a share button but that’s about it option-wise.


Mars Images is a cool Android App, and although I just found out about it this morning I’ve already spent at least an hour browsing images. It’s a very “bare bones” app though, and could definitely use a few more features like a sorting system, some color pics, or the date the pictures were taken. Overall, it’s a nice app to have especially if you’re into Space Exploration or Sci-Fi. Personally, I plan on keeping it installed on my phone and look forward to seeing where the app goes from here. You can get Mars Images from Powellware for free in the Android market.