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Predict the Future with Big Blue Bubble's I, Oracle for Android

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Big Blue Bubble has let you Burn Ropes and Fling Things, now thanks to their new Android Game I, Oracle you can try and predict the future. Will it turn you into the Oracle from the Matrix? Nope, but it will let you try to predict upcoming events like the winner of the Superbowl. When you first fire up I, Oracle you’re presented with a screen full of followers. If you see a follower waving with a question mark over his head they’ll have new questions for you while ones sitting with exclamation marks have answers to your previous predictions. You can “bet” followers on each question, and can double up if you’re right but you’ll lose the amount of followers you bet if you’re wrong. You can also spend Rubies aka in-app money to ask the Master Players what they’ve been choosing or you can ask the audience. So far I’ve been asked who the “best” Beatle was, what element is the best, and who the best Avenger is. Those are general questions based on popular opinion, but I also got some “future prediction” questions from I, Oracle like what’s the weather going to be in San Francisco on the 27th and who’ll win between the Cubbies and the Mets. There is a lifeline like system that will narrow your choices down, but it will cost you rubies. You can also make up your own questions, decorate your world, and check the leaderboards to see who the best Oracle is.


The premise behind I, Oracle is a simple one, but I think the game will be confusing for a lot of folks. Some of the answers are really hit and miss too; I was beyond shocked to see that Ringo was chosen as the favorite Beetle and that is far from a “predict” the future type question. There seems to be a lot more to the game than meets the eyes, but it’s a little confusing as there are things they don’t explain like why your people have stats, when you get more questions, etc, etc.. I, Oracle is definitely worth a look and is something different although it’s not going to be for everyone. If you want to give it a go you can check out Big Blue Bubble’s I, Oracle for free on Google Play.