President Trump Calls for Fairness, Not Regulation on Big Tech (VIDEO)

President Trump pinned a tweet recently, with regard to what it is perceived by many conservatives as Google/Big Tech’s political manipulation. The POTUS was then asked by a reporter if he wants Google to be subjected to federal regulation. The Donald said “we’ll see” initially, then he elaborated, and claimed that “we” (the people?) don’t want regulation, but fairness. Here’s the clip for your viewing pleasure:

Here’s the Tweet pinned by President Trump:

The video is obviously aimed at Big Tech’s attempts to control the political narrative via censorship and deplatforming of conservatives. Regarding the interview with WaPo, the POTUS is probably aware of the fact that social media and big tech generally speaking can no longer be trusted to enforce fairness via an “honor system”, as it was the case until now. How can you “impose” fairness without regulation? Ask Zuckerberg and Schmidt nicely? Pretty please, with a cherry on top, unban Alex Jones? Let my people free?

The problem with the word “regulation” is that it’s usually triggering to so-called “libertarians” and conservatives alike, people who generally have a knee jerk reaction when they hear about the “feral gummint” stepping into other people’s lives. It’s about values and principles, see. The problem with the left is that they use the right’s values and principles to defeat them, and it works. In real life, the only objective value is “losers never win”. Okay, I am kidding, but the truth is, the left has clearly received the memo about losing is just losing and winning is just winning. That’s what they strive for in anything.

Case in point: when it serves their agenda, the left/big-tech/legacy media, which together control something like 99% of the Internet, will collude to attempt to make it impossible for a guy like Alex Jones to even use the “interwebz”. And then, the political left would argue “that’s okay, because YouTube and Facebook are private businesses, see”. Mind you, these are the same people who tried to ruin/sued out of existence a small family owned business that refused to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding couple.And those Christian bakers were not a monopoly by any metrics, as they were cherry-picked by the homosexual couple (by their own admission), i.e. they asked a number of bakeries in a very conservative area to bake a special gay wedding cake, until they’ve found one that refused, then SHTF.

It’s pretty clear that the left doesn’t have values nor principles. They’re just out for the kill. It’s not about ideological abstractions, but how far they can push their agenda in a given situation. And silencing the opposition is part of their agenda, since the left cannot win debates, nor produce valid arguments. Silencing the opposition is part of the left’s value system, and cognitive dissonance has never been an issue with leftists.

While having a big bad intrusive government is not a good idea, having no government at all, hence no one to enforce the rules protecting the general public and guaranteeing a fair playing field, is just as bad. Natural big-tech monopolies don’t have to be “regulated”, just asked to respect “free speech”, as they’re the de facto public square of today. And people are already aware, or at least most of them, of the IRL effects of losing freedom of speech on the Internet. Hence, Internet regulation will be pretty easy to implement, and now the POTUS is just making sure the issue is discussed widely, for the general public to understand.

It will be funny to see the “bake the cake, bigot” crowd opposing government regulation of the Internet on the grounds that it’s bad to regulate private businesses.

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