Press (Google Reader) Android app review

Just before Christmas day, a new Android app hit the Google Play store and it’s called Press (Google Reader). As it’s name suggest (including words in parenthesis), Press is a Google Reader news client for Android devices. Press Android app can be best described as a simple Google Reader app with simple design and interface and yet gets the job done pretty well. And what is its job? – to make news easier to read. The app’s log on Google Play store describe Press Android app as follow:

Press is a Google Reader app that is all about the reading experience. It has been designed with the purpose of making your news easier to read. Quickly move from screen to screen and effortlessly manage the articles you want and the ones you don’t.

How does Press Android app works?

If you haven’t used any Google Reader client before, well Press works pretty simple. It synchs your Google Reader and serve you news that you’ve added to Google Reader through the source’s RSS feed. Press will surely please mobile junkies who reads and monitors news sources using mobile devices, while on the move. All that being said, to use this app you must have a Google account and you’re subscribing to various news sites using Google Reader.
For those of you who’ve used Flipboard, Google Currents and the likes, you’re certainly familiar with how Press (Google ReadeR) Android app works. What makes Press different from the rest of the news client Android app is that it’s design and interface is pretty simple and may not be visually appealing to many. But if you’re objective in using a Google Reader app is to be able to read, monitor and manage news feeds – then Press Android app should be residing on your Android device.
Press Reader Android app – usability
Now that we’ve established how simple this app is when it comes to design, the next question now is whether this app is really useful at all. The obvious answer is of course a resounding yes. Navigation-wise, you couldn’t ask for more. The app’s main screen gives you three options namely – Unread (filled cirle), Read (clear circle) Star (for favorites). On the main screen are categories of news items including “all read” or “unread” as well as your news items’ folders. Tap on “All read” will bring you to another screen where you’ll see the sites where news feeds came from. There’s also a facility to view all items in chronological order (latest to oldest). Press Android App – Features Despite its simple interface and design, the app has several features though and these are as follow:

  • No ads
  • Syncs with Google Reader
  • Quickly manage the articles you want to read
  • Offline reading support
  • Clean reading environment
  • Simple swipe navigation
  • Image zooming
  • Change reading font style and size
  • Share the articles you read or star them for later
  • Open articles in the app or your default browser

Press Android App is a Great Google News Reader client After a couple of days using Press Android app for consuming news feeds on my Samsung Galaxy S3, I will have to say that this app could very be placed along the lines of other popular news reader app for Android. It may not have all the bells and whistles of apps such as Flipboard, Google Currents, but it definitely gets the job done of making news reading easier. The app is currently available from Google Play for $0.99. Grab it now while it’s still on discounted price.  

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