HandyGames, creators of games such as Guns’n”Glory, Super Dynamite Fishing and more has just reduced the price of all their Android games to now – 0.99€. This is definitely a huge price reduction as some of these games were previously priced around 3€ to 5€. So, if you’ve been wanting to play some if not all of these HandyGames titles on your Android devices, now is the best time to get them. Incidentally, according to HandyGames, the 0.99€ is now permanent for all game titles, although the ad-supported lite version of these game will remain in the Android Market. In case you’re not aware, HandyGames currently has 12 games available on the Android Market. What’s good about these games is the fact that they are completely different from each other. There’s a strategic tower defence game, crazy aporkalyptic action adventure, innovative puzzles and other types of games.

So, if I were you fire up Android Market now on your Android devices and start downloading some if not all of these games. You’ll definitely have some good time playing these Android games.

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