PRISM and the End of the Illusion of Internet Privacy

PRISM Nobody can be told what PRISM is, you have to see it for yourself. Well, if you were worried about the recent Verizon scandal, when NSA (the National Security Agency) obtained tons of metadata from the telecom company, you will have to hang on, because this time you’re in for a real treat. The NSA  had a court order which allowed them to sniff through Verizon’s data base, searching for key words and the like, meaning that every call, every day, was re-routed to NSA data center, without discrimination. They claim, if you choose to believe them, that they only had access to meta data, i.e. who do you call, for how long, how many minutes etc. I don’t buy that, but anyway, check this out: PRISM Now we have the PRISM scandal, an NSA and FBI joint venture, which is aimed to end your privacy on the internet, by collecting absolutely everything : internet traffic, emails, voice over IP conversation, EVERYTHING. Now, this sounds like a conspiracy theory, and to be honest, alternative media is barking for years about the shady methods used by the US government when it comes to its own citizens, now being treated like terrorists. PRISM is a covert intelligence operation, working under Patriot Act and FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) and allows FBI and NSA access to all they need, actually every data base from the major tech companies in US, like: Microsoft, Google,Skype,Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube,AOL, Apple, you name it. PRISM FISA exists since 1978 and from all we know, we were spied by Big Brother since then. Now, things get shadier, because private companies were lured into this scheme, being promised immunity from future lawsuits regarding this matter, by the US Attorney General and intelligence chiefs. Documents were leaked, describing the method used by NSA and FBI in the PRISM program by Washington Post in the US and by Guardian in the UK. They consist in power point slides which described the modus operandi, the companies which are involved in the PRISM program and how to protect them from blow-back in case things surface in the media. All companies mentioned in the document used plausible denial about knowing of the existence of the PRISM program, but the document leaked in the press shows very clearly that they all agreed to Big Brother’s requests, this time in the absence of a court order, like it was the case with Verizon. They did that from the kindness of their hearts, sort of speak, without caring about their customer’s privacy, like they claim every time in their press releases.The first one was Microsoft in 2007, and the last man standing was Apple, they finally caved in to pressures in October 2012. The big question is why do they want to know everything about everyone of us? Because, let’s get real, they DO know everything, they have access to all your photos, all your data from Facebook or Google +, all you ever bought via the internet, all the conversations on YM or Skype, where we go, what do we like, our political opinions from forums and social networking, what do we read, how much money do we spend, where we keep it etc ; 1984 was peanuts, mark my words, because most of our lives are now digital and privacy is a bad joke for the Government. Now we pay big bucks to Apple and Microsoft to buy hardware and software, which are then used to spy on every aspect of our lives. Epic Win Big Bro! Source: Guardian PRISM    

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