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I normally don’t review accessories for Android devices, but occasionally I come across something awesome like the Armorsuit screen protector. Want Military Grade protection for your Android device? If so, then look no further as Armorsuit is the BEST Screen Protector you’ll ever put on your phone or tablet. I’m one of those people that generally refuses to use a screen protector on any device, and I also don’t buy insurance. I’m also that guy that drops his phone repeatedly and has even thrown a few out of frustration in the past… sorry Motorola Cliq. As my devices have gotten better and more expensive, I’ve mellowed out a bit and when I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S3 last month the first thing I started looking at were screen protectors. I spent hours reading reviews and looking at different products before I noticed the words “Military Grade Protection” with a picture of knights helmet which is what first introduced me to the wonderful world of Armorsuit. Armorsuit is the Cadillac of screen protectors, and while it doesn’t come with its own Spec-Ops team it’s pretty damned tough nonetheless. I don’t know what kind of arcane magic the folks at Armorsuit put into their screen protectors, but it works. For starters it’s a bit thicker than most screen protectors I’ve  used, but once you install it you honestly can’t even tell it’s on. I noticed no delay in typing or tapping, and my screen seemed just as bright as it was before I put it on. When I first took my Galaxy S3 out to show it off to some friends, they didn’t even notice it until I pointed it out although I’m sure the bevel of the S3 had a little to do with that. The part that might turn some of you off is the installation process as it is a little wacky being as you’ll actually get your phone a bit wet. If you’ve ever installed window tint or seen someone do it, it’s a similar process and you even get to use a mini squeegee. If you follow the directions and do EXACTLY what they say it’s a very simple process, and if you do screw up you can peel it off re-wet it and do it again which I’ve done with no issue.


As mentioned Armorsuit is the crème del a crème of screen protectors and it uses the same technology & material used to protect jetfighter & helicopter blades.  Bet that’s something your buddies can’t say about their screen protector. The fine folks at Armorsuit also give you a Lifetime Replacement Warranty which is pretty damned tough to beat. It did take me 2 tries to get my first Armorsuit screen protector installed correctly, but since then I’ve been able to install it the first go round’ on a few friends phones and tablets. It’s an added bonus to see people freak out when you break out the squirt bottle as well. The Armorsuit screen protectors are a bit more expensive than most, as you only get one compared to getting 3-4 in a pack with some brands. That being said do you really want to put something cheap on your 400 dollar phone or tablet? If you’re looking for a screen protector that’s as tough as its name and virtually invisible then Armorsuit is the only one for you. Their products are available for phones, tablets, mp3 players, cameras, laptops, gps, and all sorts of other gadgets. If I still haven’t convinced you of how great these are you can read some reviews on the one I bought for my S3 on Amazon or head on over to Armorsuit’s site and read more about them for yourself.


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