PSA: Watch out for Fake Games on Google Play

Knock off games or poor ports have always been an issue on Google Play. Over time I assumed it would get better, but as someone who scours the play store and Appbrain daily I feel like I can honestly say it hasn’t improved much. What’s brought me to this earth shattering conclusion? A little game called Carrot Fantasy that pirates have flocked around over the past week. Carrot Fantasy is a great little TD game from Cairot Studios. It’s done well on iOS, and last week I noticed it was available on Google Play but from a different developer. No big deal, this happens all the time. After playing the game for a bit I did notice a few things that seemed off, and after a little research (and several emails) I learned it was a poorly done port of the original developer’s game. This isn’t uncommon, but what made this one stand out is that the developer of the fake game had several other legitimate apps to their credit and all of their game’s and apps have thousands of downloads and decent ratings to boot. Needless to say the game was removed, but in it’s place around 3 more fake copies have popped. They’ve been flagged for days, but still they sit getting downloaded by people day after day. And people still wonder why Android doesn’t have top tier titles compared to iOS? The good news is the original developer is supposed to bring Carrot Fantasy to Android this week which should get the fake ones out of the way and give gamers a chance to play the real deal. If you want to make sure you don’t support a developer that rips off other peoples work here are a few tips to follow. Check the developers email address and website link in the play store. This won’t always work, but 90% of the time you can tell just from doing that. Sometimes Indie developers won’t have a site set up and a lot of smaller dev’s do use Gmail so keep that in mind. If you’re unsure just shoot them an email or cross-reference the Android version against the iOS version if applicable. Last but definitely not least… use some common sense and read the market comments. There are a lot of “fake” comments made, but if you just dig a bit it’s not hard to tell the honest users from ones that are insincere. As much as I love my Android devices, Google has a lot of work to do cleaning up the Play Store and I know I’m not alone in thinking that. Unfortunately, the Play Store is still flooded with garbage which prevents good games and apps from being found and keeps some awesome games from coming our way. I sincerely hope that Google will start laying the smack down on some of the fakers before the issue gets any worse than it is. We’ll let you know when the real Carrot Fantasy is released, until then keep your eyes open and stay away from the fakes. Photo via Dave’s Geeky Ideas. (Awesome Site!)

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