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Put Oil back into the Land with Feed Me Oil from Chillingo

by On

Oil is a nasty substance, but it’s one we need in today’s world. We’re not the only folks that need it though as you’ll find out in a new Android game called Feed Me Oil by Chillingo. Usually we take oil out of the ground, but this time around we get to put it back in. Feed Me Oil takes place in a strange land where the land is alive, and it’s very, very hungry. You’re job is to feed the land the one thing it loves more than anything else… oil. You’ll need to get the oil from the busted pipe into the bizarre creature’s mouths and you’ll do this by adding platforms, fans, and spinning wheels to each level. Every part you lay is adjustable, and you can place anything anywhere on the screen. Some levels have one monster while other have two, and different levels will require different amounts of oil to be caught before you can advance. At the end of each level you’re given a score and some stars based on time and how many elements you did or didn’t use. The full version of Feed Me Oil gives you 75 funky levels set across 5 different areas along with several different elements. There’s also an anti-gravity mode in the full version which sounds like a lot of fun.


Out of the three games Chillingo’s put out this week Feed Me Oil is my favorite by far. The levels I played through varied greatly from one to the next, and had a very cool look. The game as a whole looks great, and it was a little disappointing to only get 9 levels for free. That’s right, the game is marketed as “free” but you’ll only get to play 9 levels before being given the “Buy the full version” message. It does have the buy full game message when you start the game up though, so it’s only half sneaky of them. Either way, Feed Me Oil is a slick little game and one I plan on picking up in its entirety. If you’re ready to put some oil back into the land you can pick up Chillingo’s Feed Me Oil for free on Google Play.