Put the Pedal to the Metal and Kill some Zombies in Gears & Guts for Android

Zombie Games are just like Zombies themselves… they don’t stop coming and more of them pop up every day. Gears & Guts is the latest Zombie game to hit Android, and it’s Glu Mobile’s 2nd Zombie themed game in less than a month. Gears & Guts puts you in the driver’s seat as you try and take back your town from the undead masses. Your weapons of choice is your car, and it’s quite the weapon as it lets you do a whole lot more than just mow zombies down with your bumper. There are plenty of experimental weapons you can bolt on to your ride, and there are also dozens of unique whips to drive around in from Monster Trucks to Sports cars. As for the Zombies, you’ve got several different ones to deal with from Runner Zombies to massive Bruiser Zombies and everything in between.


Gears & Guts looks to be a solid Zombie Killing game, and the visuals are certainly easy on the eyes. Whereas similar games confine you to the road, Gears & Guts has some spacious environments that help to fill your Zombie killing needs. If there is a downside to the game, it’ll be the IAP setup, but it’s something most of you should be used to know especially if you play Android games on a regular basis. If you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal and kill a few hundred Zombies you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Glu Mobile’s Gears & Guts for free. Glu Mobile

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