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Put your Dexterity to the Test with Plant Pot’s Finger Hoola for Android

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Hula Hoops are something usually reserved for people with good coordination, which leaves most of us out of the loop. Plant Pot’s Finger Hoola is a new Android game that gives people that are horrible at hula a shot as you get to use your fingers instead of your hips.finger hoola for android Finger Hoola is a game of honor and diplomacy. Actually that’s Bat Fight, but Finger Hoola is a lot more fun and you won’t break any bones playing it. Finger Hoola is a game of concentration and dexterity though as you’ll need to spin “hoops” with your finger at different speeds based off the music note shown in the meter on the other side of the screen. It’s much easier to play than explain, but things are going to get extremely tricky when the double finger hoops come into play. I barely scratched the surface of Finger Hoola, but I can tell you it’s a trippy fun game with an awesome soundtrack. It’s unlike anything I’ve played which is saying something as I play a ton of games from week to week. If you like games that require skill and have a lot of style you’ll definitely want to give Finger Hoola a look. No free version is available at this time, but the full version of Plant Pot’s Finger Hoola is a steal at only $0.99.

Finger Hoola

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