Feelingtouch Inc. have just released another cool game to add to their catalog, and if you like quick-play games you’ll definitely dig Birdman Rally. The teams newest game puts you behind the cockpit of several funky looking planes and puts your skills to the test to see how long you can last against seagulls, whale’s and gravity itself. Birdman Rally lets you soar through the sky in some funky looking planes with the goal of seeing how far you can get. Sounds easy right? Well it’s not as you’ll have to time your takeoffs perfectly to get maximum lift and distance. As you zip through the skies you’ll also have to avoid seagulls, UFO’s, balloons, and whales among other things. You can “pop” them with your finger or throw a shield up, but if you hit one it’s game over. Birdman Rally gives gamers a little depth as well with its show that allows you to upgrade plane and buy powerups. There are 6 different planes, and you have the ability to mix-and-match parts from each to build your own funky aircraft. There are also 6 different pilots, and 6 powerups all of which can be upgraded.  Rounding things out you’ve got a high score table with some crazy high scores… seriously I’ve yet to figure out how people can pull off some of the scores they get in mobile games. I’m a pretty “hardcore” gamer, but my battery would die before I could get close to any of the scores in Birdman Rally.


Overall, Birdman Rally is a cool little game and a nice way to kill some time. It’s one of those games you can pick up and play at your leisure, but it also has a little depth with the powerups and upgrades. If you’ve enjoyed their other quick-play games like Hit The Apple, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. You can check out Feelingtouch’s Birdman Rally for free on Google Play.

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