Put your Skills & Patience to the test with 14px for Android

We missed a lot of Android Games towards the end of last year and now we’re taking some time to look back on a few that flew under our radar.  14px from Drummer Games is the Android game we’re going to tell you about today, and if you’re in to platformers it’s a game you’ll definitely want to check out. Some platform games let you take things at a slow pace as you search around for objects or beat down bad guys. That’s not the case with 14px. This sucker is fast-paced and a bit brutal at times – I mean that in the nicest possible way. The levels require you to move a Goo ball of sorts from the beginning of the level to the exit with only left & right arrows and a jump button at your disposal. Luckily your Goo Ball is sticky which helps you climb up walls, but you’ll still have to keep an eye out for the deadly spikes after every jump. 14px has around 70 levels and features an online level editor so you can create your own death traps to play through. 14px is a solid platformer and a game I’m glad I stumbled across. It’s a game that requires some patience as you’re going to die, and then you’re going to die some more. It feels great when you clear a tricky level though and there are a lot of tricky levels to try and get through. If you’re looking for something fun and little frustrating at the same time you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Drummer Games 14px for free.

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