Training your brain can be done for fun, and IQ tests can be a bitch as nobody wants to pull a low score on that test. Brain Lab II Pro from Mad Head is an interesting Brain Game as it works to train your brain through fun exercises, and also evaluates the IQ of the left and right sides of your Brain. Brain Lab II Pro puts your brain to the test through a variety of tricky questions and quirky puzzles. There are over 200 different questions to stimulate your brain, and there’s even a practice mode if you don’t feel like embarrassing yourself the first time around. The questions range from having to pick an object that doesn’t match the group to counting, and it really does require you to think. It’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of confidence as the questions start out a little easy, but require more brain power as you progress. Brain Lab II Pro does a good job of switching things up with colors and shapes; more than once I was fooled by just going a little too fast. Whenever you finish the test you’re given a total score and a breakdown of how the right and left sides of your brain did.


This is the first game I’ve covered in awhile that deals with Brains, but not Zombies and after playing around with it for a bit I’m glad I checked it out. Brain Lab II is fun and does require your brain to work a bit as well. If you’re ready to test your intelligence and possibly feel like fool you can pick up Mad Head’s Brain Lab II Pro on Google Play for free.

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