Qualcomm’s ‘Battery Guru’ app is out of beta, and really interesting

Battery Guru app from Qualcomm

Battery life is a concern for all mobile device holders. We’re constantly in a tug-of-war with utility and power consumption, which tends to aggravate us. News of forward-thinking battery technology is promising, but we’ll be lucky to see it soon, if ever.

Left in limbo, we turn to apps to mitigate the damage. Apps like DS Battery Saver or Juice Defender are useful, but not as intuitive as we’d like. There is still a level of toying with the app we need to do to make it useful as a daily driver, and that’s not as convenient as we’d like.

When Qualcomm gives us a battery app, we take notice. They’re responsible for the Snapdragon line of processors, which are starting to make appearances in newer breeds of smartphones. Powerful, the Snapdragon also uses its share of power. Qualcomm’s new Battery Guru app wants to help change that a bit.

Battery Guru is a different breed of “battery app”. It tries to make power drain a bit more intuitive to how you live. By learning how you interact with your device, and where you tend to use it, the app makes changes to your power consumption. Contextual data in a battery power app? We like the concept.

Battery Guru is available now in the Play Store. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

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Via: Android Authority

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