Quick Look: G.I. JOE Battleground for Android

GI.JOE.battleground-androidLast week we told you about the soft launch of G.I. JOE Battleground for Android which is currently only available to folks in a few regions. Well, thanks to a friend overseas I’ve spent the past couple of days playing around Battleground and I’m happy to say you will not be disappointed if you’re a fan of G.I. JOE. G.I. JOE Battleground is a card battling game in the vein of Blood Brothers, but full of your favorite characters from the world of G.I. JOE. You’ll get to put together a crack team of troops as you take on missions and battle folks in PVP. Whether you want to put together a team of Dreadnoks or fight Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow side-by-side… you can do it. You will get bonuses for making proper teams, but you can play with anyone you’d like in PVP.gi.joe-battleground.android-1I’m not going to bore you to death with the gameplay – if you’ve played any Mobage CCG or TCG you’ll have no problem getting down to business in G.I. JOE Battleground. The battles are automated, there’s PVP, and plenty of in-app purchases.  I will say that the way you go about adding new members to your team is pretty damned cool as you “Pokémon” them by throwing stun grenades to capture your opponents. One of the most important aspects of a game like this is the characters, and luckily we’re getting a slew of them. There are over 100 characters from the G.I. JOE universe including all the familiar faces you grew up on. You’ll also get to pull off vehicle attacks, and I’ll admit I squealed a bit when Duke called in a strike from the Wolverine. Cover Girl was even sitting behind the wheel as she should be. Very nice… gi.joe-battleground.android-2I’ve only gotten around 6-8 hours in on G.I. JOE Battleground so far, but as a “true” fan I’ve been thoroughly impressed. The game isn’t perfect, but you can tell the dev’s know their Joe’s and I really look forward to seeing how the game progresses. We’ll let you know as soon as the G.I. JOE Battleground goes global, until then I highly advise you to save your Mobage coins as the game could turn into a serious money pit depending on how much you dig G.I. JOE.

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