Politician: The Game is a quirky new quick-play game from the folks at Oristats that involves getting rich, but not in the way you would think. The tagline reads “Get Rich, avoid Explosives” and as you’d imagine one of those things is much easier said than done… Politician: The Game is a game all about money as you take control of a money hungry man that zips around a screen full of coins. Is it a coin collecting game? Yes, but it’s not like anything I’ve ever played before. As you tilt your device the man moves about the screen leaving a line behind him. Instead of running over coins to collect them you’ll draw a path or shape around them to scoop them up. It sounds pretty easy, and it is until the bombs come into play. If you run across a bomb you’re good to go, but if you encircle one it’s game over. Don’t think you can just sit idly by planning your moves either; the coins appear randomly and if more than 500 are on the screen at any given time your toast. Politician: The Game has several different modes of difficulty, and while there are many extras there are a few cool power-ups that come into play with coin sucking magnets and shields. As much as I love lengthy games with loads of depth, it’s nice to sit back and get down with a nice quick play game. Politician: The Game certainly fits that bill, and it’s one of the cooler coin collecting games I’ve played recently. Want to know what makes it better? There are no ads, no in-app purchases, and it’s totally free. If you want to give it a go you can pick up Oristats Politician: The Game on Google Play.

Politician: The Game

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