I love Rpg’s and engrossing games just as much as anyone, but quick play games are a godsend if you’re looking to get some quick gaming in. Light and Dark Sword is one of the newer Android games we’ve come across, and it’s certainly deserving of the quick play moniker. Light and Dark Sword is a game set in a world of darkness and light involving a hero and a group of monsters set to take him out. The monsters of Light and Dark Sword come in only 2 flavors… Darkness and Light. When the game starts up you’ll see your lil’ Hero standing on a platform turning a massive sword in a circular motion. You’ll soon notice the monsters coming your way and to take them out you only need to tap the screen. If you see a light monster is getting close you’ll want to tap the screen to turn your sword to night which will vanquish the monster. If it’s a dark monster you’ll want to turn your sword into light, and that’s basically it as far as the gameplay is concerned. Don’t let the simplicity of the game fool ya’ though as it’s much trickier than it sounds especially when the monsters start getting close. There are no real extras to speak aside from Openfeint, but you can unlock 2 extra Hero’s although they require a large amount of coins to unlock. Light and Dark Sword may not have jaw dropping graphics or 20 hours of storyline, but it is a nice little quick play game that’s fun to play if you just have a few minutes. It’s simple enough that anyone can play, and it’s free with no in-app purchases that I could see. If you’re ready to give it a go you can pick up Hamon’s Light and Dark Sword on Google Play.

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