One of the first Android apps I downloaded when I got a smartphone was a punching meter, fast forward 2 years later and I’m downloading Rampage Punch from Medl Mobile. What makes this punching app better than the rest? Rampage Punch has its own star and spokesman known as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson… oh yeah! If you’re unfamiliar with the “power punching” game genre, it’s simple as the app uses your phones accelerometer to measure the speed and power of your punch. You basically grab your phone, hold on tight, and act like you’re taking someone’s head off. I can’t emphasize the “hold on tight” part enough as you will lose your phone or break something if you don’t. When you fire up the app you’re told how to use it then you get to pick a material to punch with Glass, Wood, and Metal. This is just for the sound effects and doesn’t alter your score as far as I know. Once you’ve picked the material you want to wail on you just hit the ready button, hold your arm still and throw a blow when it says go. You’ll be given a score based on Speed & Force, and some words of discouragement or encouragement from Rampage depending on how you did. You can share your scores on Facebook or Twitter once you’re done, but that’s basically the game.


I’m an MMA guy, and I’ve been beyond disappointed by the lack of MMA/UFC related apps and games over the past couple of years. Rampage Punch is at least a step in the right directions as it’s endorsed by Rampage and it’s a well done punching game. The sayings were funny, but personally I would’ve liked to hear him say some of the things he’s said to other fighters in the past… if you’re a Rampage fan you know that he is a very funny man. If you want to use a punching app, you might as well use one featuring Rampage… he’d probably kick your ass if he knew you were using another. No free version of the app is available, but the full version of Rampage Punch can be all yours for only $0.99 cents. Check out the video below to see Rampage himself testing out the app. He can get 100%, but can you?

Rampage Punch

Medl Mobile

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