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Quirky Fun with Chainsaw Princess for Android

by On

Princesses and chainsaws seem like an unlikely pairing unless you’re watching a low budget horror flick. What about a chainsaw wielding princess though, does that change the game? That’s the premise behind a new running game called Chainsaw Princess from Brendan Hutchinson, and it’s quite a bit of fun. Princess Chainsaw is a running platformer that has puts you into full gear as soon as you hit start. It’s the story of a Princess, her chainsaw, and a slew of oddball enemies. Controlling the Princess is done with two buttons; one let’s you jump while the other performs a dash attack. You can also do a double jump, but that’s basically it for the controls. Your goal is to run for as long as you can, and you’ll get a weird techno soundtrack to do it to. There are no options or extras, but there is a whole lotta’ chainsaw which is never a bad thing.


When I first saw the title of Chainsaw Princess and the screens I envisioned a totally different game from what it was. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just wasn’t expected. The game obviously draws from Robot Unicorn Attack, but manages to have its own identity in the form of a chainsaw wielding Princess. If you enjoyed Robot Unicorn Attack or similar games, you’ll definitely like Chainsaw Princess. If you want to slice up a few monsters you can pick up Brendan Hutchinson’s Chainsaw Princess on Google Play for $1.99.