The original Tron was a great flick, and it introduced us to the awesomeness known as the Light Cycle.  Many Android games have tried to mimic the famous Light Cycle races, but LightSpeeder from Rude Boy Games is the first one I’ve played that actually pulls it off and makes it fun.lightspeeder for android

LightSpeeder is a Tron inspired racer that puts you behind the wheel of a light speeder where it’s basically win or die. Your goal of the game is to “box in” your opponent and get them to run in to one of the light trails your speeder leaves behind. The trick is to do it without running into one of their trails which isn’t all that easy considering you’re moving at breakneck speeds. Lightspeeder offers up several hazardous arenas to battle in and a shop with a few power-ups and three unlockable speeders.

There are plenty of Light Cycle games to choose from, and I’ve probably played most of them. LightSpeeder is my favorite by far as it has a unique retro style, awesome arenas, and it’s pretty damned tough. I do hope the developers add some more content in the near future, and I definitely wouldn’t be mad if multiplayer found its way into the game. If you’re looking for some fast paced fun you can pick up Rude Boy Games LightSpeeder for free on Google Play.


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