Radiangames The Bombcats: Special Edition arrives on Google Play

bombcats You have to love it when a company like Radiangames unleashes the beast on Google Play. They dropped a game from their catalog each week since Slydris was released, and this week is no different as we’re getting Bombcats: Special Edition. bombcats-1Some cats like to crawl all over you and beg for attention, others are kind of pissy and don’t even like to be looked at. Siamese cats are notorious for that. Bombcats is a game with a different kind of cat – the exploding kind. Each level requires you to fling an exploding cat towards a kitty that’s trapped in a bubble. You’ve got a limited amount of time to reach said kitty (thanks to a fuse) and set him free by exploding his bubble prison. The newly freed kitty thanks you by exploding itself afterwards… welcome to the world of Bombcats. There’s a bit more to do than just fling cats around. Freeing kitties may be the main goal, but there are also jewels and suns to collect in each stage. The suns are especially important as you can’t get to the next stage without collecting all three. The jewels are used to buy upgrades, and there are a lot of them to choose from. You can deck your cat out in hats or glasses, change their eyes or upgrade them with boosts and powers. If that’s not enough for you, there are 7 different Bombcats to play with and several different game modes. Did we mention there are 194 levels? bombcats-2We’ve played and covered a slew of physics flingers, and Bombcats certainly falls into that category. It’s not the first game that lets you fling cats, but it is the first game that lets you fling exploding cats. It’s also quite a bit of fun, and there’s plenty to keep you busy if you dig these types of games. There’s no free version of Bombcats available, but the full version gives you a lot of bang for your buck at only $2.99.


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