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Raise a Virtual Beast with Bit Beast from Cheese and Bacon Games

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I’ll start this one out by saying thanks to the Because We May sale for showing me games like Bit Beast which I might not have noticed otherwise. So what’s a Bit Beast? Bit Beast is a virtual pet game from Cheese and Bacon Games where you’ll get to take care of your own digital beast and raise them from a hatchling. Just like a baby you’ll have to pay special attention to your Bit Beast by feeding, cleaning, and playing with him. If he gets ill you’ll have to heal him with medicine, etc, etc…  As your Bit Beast grows he’ll evolve and they can grow into several different forms depending on how you raise him and what kind of food you give him. If you remember having a virtual pet in the 90s you know it can be a lot of work, but Cheese and Bacon games has made things a bit easier this time around. You can interact with your Bit Beast at any time, but you’re able to actually pause your beast and if you do turn the app off you’ll be updated on any new events when you return. You can also set up a bedtime for your pet so you they’ll wake up and crash when you do. Another couple of cool things to note are voice commands for your pet and the ability to actually “battle” your beast against another one via Bluetooth.


If you remember Tamagotchi’s or owned a few (I did) then you’ll be right at home with Bit Beast. This is basically an upgraded and much cooler version of the old school digital pet. I’ve been playing games from the Because We May sale for the past week so I haven’t had time really delve into this one yet, but it looks like a winner if you’re looking for a virtual pet game. You can pick up Cheese and Bacon games Bit Beast on sale for $0.99 on Google Play.

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