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Raise and Fight Monsters in Gameloft’s Monster Life for Android

by On

Gameloft has long been a developer to pay attention too, and over the past 6 months they’ve consistently put out solid top tier games.  Well it seems like you can add another title to that growing list as they recently released a cool little game called Monster Life for Android.

Monster Life gives you the job of monster keeper, and you’re going to have to train and raise your own team of monsters to stop the mysterious Chaos who’s trying to destroy your island. It’s basically like a Pokémon game crossed with a village building game as you’ll have to buy monsters and land, take care of them, and train them to fight of course. The levels are setup on different islands and you’re given tasks to complete as you progress in the game which let you earn a little cash to spend in the shop for more monsters, power-ups, etc… Monster Life gives you over 20 different Monsters to collect along with scores of different buildings and decorations to decorate your little Monsters home. There are over 36 different “battle zones” in Monster Life and they’re set across 4 different islands which means finding and defeating the minions of Chaos won’t be an easy task.


I only briefly played through Monster Life, but it seems like a solid game all the way around. The graphics are cool with a funky 3D Paper kind of style and there are more than enough monsters and challenges to keep you busy for quite some time. If you dig Pokémon style games or village building games this one’s definitely for you and you won’t be disappointed. You can pick up Gameloft’s Monster Life on Google Play for free.