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I ran across an interesting Android App this week called Jotly from Firespotter. What does Jotly do you ask? Well, it’s basically a “rating” app with style as it lets you rate anything and everything on Jotly and upload your own stuff as well. Jotly is actually a lot more than a simple rating app as it has some nice features that set it apart from the pack. The pictures users have submitted to Jotly can be sorted by Most liked, Most comments, My Likes, My Comments, My Jots, Nearby, and Recent. You can also search by name which is handy if you just want to sit around and look at pictures of cute puppies or anything else you could imagine. You can leave comments and likes on all that you see and use the good old hashtag to help folks find it. Adding your own photos are easy as well; you can either upload one already taken or take a new one and add it on the go. One of the unique features I really liked was the leaderboard of sorts where it lists the top “Jotters” that use the app; it was cool to see your rank, but you can’t view any pics from the leaderboard.


I’m kind of old fashioned about my social media apps; it took me forever to switch from myspace to facebook, and I’ve yet to make the full transition to G+ yet. That being said, I really like what I see with Jotly and am curious to see where the developers go with it in the future. I think they could use a few more filters here and there along with some minor fixes, but for the most part I’m really digging it. Jotly is easy to use, and if you’re into the whole social media thing like the rest of the world, it’s an Android App you’ll definitely want to check out. You can get Firespotter’s Jotly for free in the Android market.

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