A few weeks after getting its release in the iTunes App Store, Rayman Jungle Run has finally come to Google Play. Yes folks, the famous Rayman is now yours for the taking. And if you’re so willing to depart with your $3, you’ll be able to enjoy this cutesy 2D platformer loaded with the good, old platform adventure that we’ve all grown to love. Rayman Jungle Run is an easy-to-pick up, easy-to-play but most importantly a fun game to play on your Android devices. It features nicely done, colorful graphics, new worlds to discover, new powers to unlock, captivating and fun music, smooth touch-based controls, and several wallpapers that you can unlock as you play the game. Being a touch-based game, the question here is whether all Android devices will be responsive enough so as not to spoil the game. Well, I have yet to prove this. But after playing the game on my iPad, I can assure you that this one is great game to while away time.  Finally, the Android platform has a solid platformer under its name and it’s called Rayman Jungle Run. Go get it now from Google Play.

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