Rayman runs towards the Android platform

Game developer Ubisoft have taken on board feedback from their Rayman fan base and have chosen to release a new mobile Rayman game in partnership with independent gaming studio Pastagames, based entirely around the much loved bonus stages that are found in their popular console platformer game – Rayman Origins. Entitled ‘Rayman Jungle Run’, the game is slated to run using the same gaming engine as Rayman Origins used, namely the UbiArt engine. This should mean that Jungle Run will be a graphical delight, showing off the best of mobile graphics when it is released on to the Android platform. If you have played Rayman Origins then you will be familiar with the form of gameplay that the bonus treasure chest stages take, which basically brings us non-stop running action whilst players are collecting ‘gems’ (or Lums as they’re known in Rayman Origins) and avoiding endless obstacles along the way. This style of game play is what we are to expect from Rayman Jungle Run on our mobile devices. Gamers will also be encouraged to unlock extra game and character enhancing powers along their journey throughout the game, giving an extra incentive to keep on playing Jungle Run. The game will be enhanced for use on mobile touch screens with a ‘one touch’ control system. Rayman creator Michel Ancel insisted on this type of control system for the mobile version of the game as he states that “I love joysticks, but I hate virtual joysticks”. The game will take on a tap and jump form of control to avoid the fiddly nature of virtual thumb sticks and it is hoped that this type of control system, combined with the specific type of game play we are expecting in Jungle Run should make for a fluid and slick gaming experience. Rayman Jungle Run is due to be released for Android devices on the 20th of September. Pricing details for the Android version of the game are unknown at this current time although, we do know that the iOS version of Rayman Jungle Run will cost £1.99 / $2.99 on release.

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