Raze some Buildings in HandyGames Bulldozer Inc for Android

Gentlemen (and ladies) prepare to start your engines… and raze everything to the ground! That’s exactly what you’ll do in HandyGames new Android game Bulldozer Inc. You run a big dozer and your only goal is to be the master of destruction as you try and outdo your rivals to become a true demolition man. When you first fire up Bulldozer Inc, you’re prompted to choose a character from a wild looking bunch. Once you’ve picked your master of disaster (and a game mode) it’s off to destroy some things in the arena. Getting around the arena is simple as you can use the onscreen joystick or swipe to move, and taking down objects is just as easy as you’ll just need to run into them. The round is up when you meet your goals, and then you get rewarded based on how well you did. Tearing the buildings down is rather easy, but if you need help there are plenty of powerups to help you out, and you can select up to 5 before each match. Bulldozer Inc has two modes of play with tournament and quick match; Tournament mode has you trying to beat 5 opponents in a row while quick match is exactly what it sounds like.


Bulldozer Inc is a fun quick play game, and a little surprising as well. I literally blew through the first tournament and a few quick matches with no losses and was shocked at how easy it was. After you finish your first tourney it does get tougher, and the buildings get a lot bigger.  I’m not sure how deep the game is, but it does a nice replay factor. If you’re feeling a little destructive and want to demolish a few hundred building you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Bulldozer Inc. for free.

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