Read it Later Android App Gives You a Nice Reading List

If the arrival of the reading list app, Read It Later is an indication of how the Android Market is maturing, well it looks like the platform is maturing well. Read It Later in case you’re not aware is a reading list application. Better yet, it is oe of most popular, most downloaded and most used app productivity app for iPhone. It’s very useful for smartphone users who consume information on their mobile devices. Read It Later basically lets you save webpages to, well read it later. The good thing about it is that you can read what you’ve saved – offline. Read It Later is a highly mobile productivity app. The New York Times, Business Week, Time, and others called it the “DVR for the web.” So when you came across an interesting article while doing your daily rounds of mobile web browsing, you can simply save it and eliminate the cluttering of bookmarks and inboxes on your Android phones. A good feature of the Read It Later Android app is the fact that it synchronizes with other Read It Later apps on your other devices – be it on your desktop, laptop and other mobile devices. So that when you’ve saved an article using any of those devices, it will be automatically accessible via your Android phone or vice versa. Read It Later Android app has so many nice features worthy of its $0.99 price tag. The Android app looks pretty nice and the interface is very well designed. To download the app and find out more of its features, here’s the Android Market link. via The Next Web

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