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Read It Later rebranded as Pocket, comes with free Android app

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If you spend most of your day web surfing, you probably have tons of articles, news, and other informations to read. That’s a good thing if you have the time to read them all. But if you don’t have the luxury of time, you can save them for reading later on. That’s when  Read It Later, a web service for saving web content to view later on – comes in. Now, Read It Later has just been “reborn” and is now called Pocket. Together with the rebranding is a new, free Android app. Pocket Android app does exactly what its web counterpart does – allow you to save interesting articles, videos, images and web pages. Once you’ve save these items, you can then view it later on using your Android smartphone or tablet, anytime and anywhere. The app presents all items you’ve saved on a easy-to-use and and beautiful layout. Once installed on your Android devices, Pocket Android app lets you save items from other apps installed on your device such as the browser app, Facebook, Twitter and more. You smiply tap the “Add to Pocket” option when sharing a page. For current Read It Later users, you just need to log-in to Read It Later site and your account will be transitioned to the new Pocket site. Pocket Android app is available now as a free download on Google Play.