guns4hire Game developer Rebellion’s first shoot ’em up game, Judge Dredd vs. Zombies was a hit when it was released for Android. So the Rebellion folks are counting on the success of their first game in releasing their second Android game, this time around it doesn’t involve zombies but merceneries out to go after the bad guys. The game called, Guns 4 Hire is available now as a free download from Google Play. The game’s premise is simple. With seven billion people on Earth, ten million of them are bad guys earning a living through the black market weapons. It’s your tasks being one of the four ass-kicking money-hungry mercenary to stop these bad guys. So, you’ll get in, wreck it and get paid in return. Like Judge Dredd vs. Zombies, Guns 4 Hire is also a top-down shooter set in a highly-detailed, high-quality game environment. It’s a full-featured, action-packed game feature heavy artillery weapons at your disposal including gun turrets, minefields, and loads of ammunitions ready for your perusal. Those who love top-down shooters will definitely find this game simply awesome. If action and colorful game effects are your cup of tea, Guns 4 Hire will surely please you as well. While the game is free for download, there’s also the in-app purchase which will allow you to grab some cool stuff to help you move on to the game easily. But that’s in return for your real money. Nonetheless, Guns 4 Hire looks like another winner. Check it out now from Google Play.

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