Red Planet update available to download for Angry Birds Space

Rovio recently announced that they would be updating two of the games in their Angry Bird series which have proved to be popular iOS and Android games. We were teased with a new character for Angry Birds Seasons. We also learned that Rovio would also be releasing an update to their most recent Angry Birds game release, Angry Birds Space to include a trip to the red planet. Yesterday Rovio rolled out the update for Angry Birds Seasons to include the all new female pink bird character ‘Bubbles’ who does bring her own power to the game in the form of, well bubbles, to lift the pigs up before crashing them back down. Rovio have also now released the promised update to Angry Birds Space and players can now also fling the birds around the red planet in space. The Red Planet update for Angry Birds Space comes shortly after NASA sent Curiosity Rover to Mars. Curiosity Rover may not have found any green Martians on the planet but, there’s plenty of little green pigs with this latest update. In the update Rovio have added twenty new levels to the game and the Red Planet can be found as the fifth planet along in the game after the donut shaped Utopia, so you will need to have unlocked the previous levels. As well as updating the Angry Birds Space game to include the new Red Planet levels, you can also learn more about NASA’s Curiosity Rover’s adventures on Mars. The update is available to download now on the Android Play Store and is just shy of 28 megabytes.

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