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Redblox Games releases Fire Jumpers for Android

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Fire is one of the more dangerous elements we deal with, and Fire Fighters or Fire Jumpers are usually talked with putting them out. The latter takes care of Wildfire’s and you’ll get to help them out in Fire Jumpers from Redblox Games. Fire Jumpers lets you take charge of a crack team of fire fighting units as you do battle from the ground and the sky while trying to keep the wildfires under control. The way you actually go about putting out the fires is pretty unique as you’ll drag units to water then to the area that’s burning. You’ll have to pay attention to the wind to see which way the fire’s headed and try and get it extinguished as quickly as possible. Different units have different functions; helicopters can help you drop water and rescue civilians while other units handle other tasks. I only breezed through the first boot camp level, and there appears to be a lot to this little game so I plan on giving the full versions a ride later this week.


There are several games that let you put out fires, but just a few that let you put them out. Fire Jumpers definitely takes a unique approach to things and from what I’ve briefly seen it appears to be a solid game. There is a “Boot Camp” version you can try out for free while the full version will only set you back $1.93. You can find both versions of Redblox Games Fire Jumpers on Google Play. Redblox Games