redbox instant video Watch out Netflix. Yesterday it was announced that we’ll soon see a Verizon-powered Redbox Instant video service. If you’re a media streaming fool like myself this is pretty big news, especially considering Redbox is going to do things a bit differently. Redbox Instant Video will be a service similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime where you’ll pay a flat monthly charge and get access to a large catalog of movies. Been there, done that I know. What makes the Redbox service stand out is the fact that they’re going to offer up movies through subscription, and for a few extra dollars a month they’ll kick in four Redbox credits for you to use at the kiosk each month. Redbox also plans to sell newer VOD titles to folks which is something that Netflix doesn’t do although they haven’t said exactly how “new” those titles will be. I’m sure their catalog will be sparse at first compared to Netflix, but Amazon’s catching up so Redbox may be able to as well. Nothing has been set in stone yet, but from what we’ve learned pricing will start around 6 bucks a month for a standard subscription, and 8 per month if you want the additional Redbox credits. The service is being Beta tested right now, and when it goes live you’ll be able to use the service with Android and iOS devices, Xbox 360’s, and on certain Samsung TV’s and Blu-ray players. Xbox 360 owners can also use the service, but there’s no such love for ps3 owners which isn’t surprising at all to be honest. Redbox Instant Video is set to launch before the end of the year and we’ll let you know when it does Site Referenced – Gigaom

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