Refresh Creations releases Super Grid Run for Android

The Play store is filled with lengthy RPG’s and time sucking sims, but sometimes it’s nice to have some quick fun. Super Grid Run from Refresh Creations can certainly take care of that as it’s twitch-gaming at its finest. Super Grid Run is a fast-paced retro runner in that requires you to avoid everything in your path as you zip though the levels. Everything includes spiky things and lots of neon colored blocks which mean “Game Over” if you hit one. As you progress things will get faster and your only goal is to see how long you can stay alive. It’s much easier said than done. Super Grid Run isn’t full of extras or add-ons, but it doesn’t need them as its three modes of play are more than enough to keep you busy for a while. Super Grid Run is a fine example of a great quick-play game complete with retro graphics and chip tunes. The game is difficult, but not so bad that you’ll want to toss your mobile… frustratingly fun is a nice way to think of this one. There’s a free ad-supported version (only in the menus) you can check out or you can pick up the full version for only $0.99. Both versions of Refresh Creations Super Grid Run are available to download on Google Play.

Super Grid Run

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