Report: Samsung Official Claims Nexus Two Rumors Not True

Here’s what we know: Samsung is scheduled to hold an event on November 8 in which a new Android device will be launched. Earlier this month, Gizmodo published a report indicating a Nexus Two, manufactured by Google, is somewhere out in the wild with top-of-the-line specs and it could be launched as early as November 8. Ever since the publication of that Gizmodo report, many blogs (including us) reported about the possibility of a Google Nexus Two featured Galaxy S-like hardware. Today, a Korean website,, came out with a report citing a Samsung official claiming the Nexus Two rumors are “simply not true.” Of course, he could simply be saying this to cover up a potential Nexus Two under wraps, or this could be the truth. Either way, we’ll have to wait until the Samsung event on November 8 to find out for sure.

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