Rhapsody Android app updated with new home screen and other features

For those of you who are using Rhapsody music app on your Android devices may want to check out Google Play because an update has just been pushed to the app. The updated Rhapsody Android app comes with some new features that will make you use appreciate the app more. For starters, the app now sports a new home screen featuring some new features that  include the following:

  • “Albums For You”- Personalized album recommendations based on the music you like
  • “Rhapsody Replay”- New feature that provides you your music right when you want it based on your music activity
  • “Featured Albums”- Featured albums from Rhapsody’s world class editorial staff

Additionally, the updated Rhapsody Android app also now has a fly-out menu which gives you direct access to the main areas of the app from anywwhere within the app. And the full screen album art with the ability to use swipe gesture to control music playing. You can now skip, shuffle and repeat tracks using swipe gesture. Overall, this is a pretty good update and there’s no reason why you should skip this one. Grab Rhapsody Android app from Google Play now.

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