Rise of the Blobs Android game review

rise of the blobs Rise of the Blobs is the new game from Robot Invader, the developer of another game which others said is a great game, Wind Up Knight. Honestly, I havent’ heard or played this game which is a good thing since I don’t have to compare these two games from the same developers. Others who have played Wind Up Knight are kind of disappointed with Rise of the Blobs being the second game from Robot Invader. Thankfully, I’m not one of them. I’m not in any way disappointed about rise of the Blobs. In fact, I loved the game’s new take on the match-3 game combining the elements of Bejewelled and Tetris. Rise of the Blobs – Gameplay First things first. Rise of the Blobs is a puzzle game. But according to Robot Invader, you’ve never seen a puzzle game like this before. So to begin with, this game features waves of hungry blobs making their way up a column towards a stranded marshmallow. The creature named Marsh Mal must prevent the blobs from reaching the top of the column. And to do that he throws down fruit which represent the different colors of the blobs. You must ensure that the fruit falls on the blob of the same color. Then you can pop the blob and any adjacent blobs with similar colors will also pop up, creating a chain reactions. The game stops when you fail a column with blob from reaching the top. Rise of the Blobs – Features The game has four game modes, namely – normal, timed, skull and match. Plus there’s also another one which is marked to be “coming soon.” Timed requires you to collect clocks to prolong the game. Skull requires you to eliminate time bombs which are set to expire and the final mode features four colored blobs that you need to match the colors in specific pattern. This earns you bonus points. Of course, there are also the usual power-ups, items and other game elements that you can purchase via points you’ve earned or through in-app purchase. When it comes to graphics and game designs, we couldn’t say more about Rise of the Blobs. The game graphics is great with full attention to the fun colors. This entices you to play the game more and more. Even the game’s theme is engaging and fun enough. rise of the blobs screen1 For its new take on the match-3, puzzle game we commend Robot Invader for coming up with a well-designed and conceptualised Android game. At first I thought I’ll get bored playing this game but once it picks up on me, I couldn’t put my Samsung Galaxy S3 down. In fact, I checked out the iTunes App Store to find out if it’s available for the iPad. Because frankly, I prefer to play games on my iPad Mini than my Galaxy S3. So, if you’re looking for a fresh take on the match-3, puzzle game, Rise of the Blobs is a good game to consider. It’s free anyway so you’ve got nothing to lose. Who knows you might enjoy it, so just be careful with the in-app purchase. rise of the blobs screen2 You can grab Rise of the Blobs from Google Play Store now.

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