Road Warrior Game Available Now for Android, Free for a Limited Time

Addicting, best-selling and top racing and shooting game for iPhone and iPad, Road Warrior has just bee released on the Android. If you’ve played this game before on iPhone or iPad, and you want to play it again on your Android tablets or smartphone, you better get it now from the Android Market. Road Warrior Android game is currently available as a free download, for a limited time. For the uninitiated, Road Warrior lets you race against opponents. But more than that, you can blast your opponents using various car weapons as well. You can do whatever it takes to ensure that your vehicle will be the last car standing. Then you deserve to win. The game also puts premium on the respect you’ll earn, making you worthy of competing against several bosses in the game. The price for beating these bosses? – you’ll earn possession of their racing and killing machines. Like it so far? Wait, there are few more things that you need to know. The game also has some great animations for execyuting flips and using nitro boosts. You can also select various cars to drive, ranging from sedans to trucks. When it comes to racing tracks, I’m pretty sure, you’ll enjoy the variety of tracks that this game has to offer. In fact, you’ll be challenged to to find many paths within a single track. Other features of the game include – car upgrade, car builder, precise controls, amazing physics, and realistic HD graphics. Road Warrior Android game is available now as a free download from the Android Market. Take note, this is for a limited period only, so grab it now if you have the chance.

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