Robin Rath of Pixel Press speaks to Android Authority about, well, Pixel Press!

Pixel Press

After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Pixel Press team is hard at work, building out their new baby. Such a radically new concept begs a lot of focus from Robin Rath and his team at Pixel Press, but the upside is huge. We balk at calling it a game, because it’s so much more than that.

For the uninitiated, Pixel Press allows us to take a drawing, scan it, then play it. With only a few swipes of our pencil on specially designed (and downloadable!) graph paper, we’ve got a game. When the game itself becomes a game, things take on a whole new meaning, and Pixel Press is getting ready to take us down an exciting new path.

We spoke with Robin about all things Pixel Press. When a concept this wonderful comes out of left field as it has, we just have to know all about it.

AA– What brought up the concept for Pixel Press? What was the inspiration? It’s gotta be a huge undertaking.

RR – I still spend a lot of time with same group of friends I grew up with, and that means frequent discussions of all the fun (and often stupid) things we did while growing up. Playing video games was a big part of our childhood – lots of all nighters. Reminiscing on drawing old video games seemed to have come up a lot of the years too – this last Christmas it came up again and it finally clicked that it’s possible (and also would be really cool) if we could have actually had a way to play those games we drew. Once the discussions started flowing around that it was pretty clear we had to act on it.

 AA– Why Kickstarter? This is a pretty great idea, and groundbreaking. Why not seek venture capital, or fund it through some other means?

RR – Kickstarter was a validated learning and marketing play for us. While we didn’t spend too much time seeking VC or angel money, we quickly learned that those groups (at least the ones we had access to) needed to see more data that people actually wanted the product. In the end, Kickstarter validated Pixel Press, but more importantly opened a lot more doors for us to additional funds.

 AA– You decided to back iOS first. I won’t beat you up for that, since you’re making an Android version as well. How did your kickstarter go, and where are you at with an Android version?

RR – Haha, thanks. Right now we are focused on creating a playable prototype of the platformer type level, and we are building this device agnostic from the onset, so while we have not technically started on any of the native Android stuff, we’re laying the groundwork to bring it to that platform in a timeframe that is hopefully much sooner than June 2014.

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