Rockstar’s Classic Grand Theft Auto III is Unleashed into the Android Market

Oh Boy! That’s what I thought when I first woke up this morning, checked the market and saw that Rockstar has finally released Grand Theft Auto III for Android. This classic from 91’ holds a special place in my heart as well as the hearts of any gamer that owned a PS2 over the past decade. If you’ve never heard of the game and are thinking “What’s Grand Theft Auto?” you are probably too young to play it anyway so move along now youngster. If you gamed during the 90s there is no doubt you know exactly what GTA III is about, and how much fun you can have cruising around good ol’ Liberty City…

I haven’t gotten to play this gem yet, but the early word from fans is great aside from the occasional device issue. This isn’t some watered down port either, the graphics, character model, vehicles, etc.. have been “updated” and gameplay has been optimized for touch screen devices. I’m actually getting a little giddy just writing this article, as I literally can’t wait to sit down and sink my teeth into this classic slice of gaming goodness. Rockstar has been one of my favorite gaming companies since this game came out, and I actually just bought two copies of Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year as Christmas gifts (great deal folks) so yeah it’s safe to say I’m a fan.

I have seen some market reports mentioning various glitches here and there, and of course it’s not going to be optimized for every device yet. That’s to be expected with “any” first release, and as this is Rockstars first entry into the market I’m sure they’ll be an update or two in the near future to work out the kinks. Overall, the majority of the early reports are great and I expect the market score to stay high on this one. While I never got to review the original rendition, I’m sure as hell going to review this one so check back with us next week my loving review of Grand Theft Auto III. Until then, I highly advise you to head on over to the market and pick it up for $4.99.

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