Rogers Canada may be getting the exclusive on the Motorola X Phone

Rogers exclusive X Phone

An internal screenshot from Rogers shows that the Canadian service provider will have an exclusive Motorola X Phone, with release in mid August. While we’re not sure if this means they have exclusivity to the Motorola X Phone in general, it does indicate they will have some sort of Rogers’ device. As you can see below, the all caps “exclusive” stands out.

With customization in play for the X Phone, it would be safe to assume Rogers will get exclusive rights to the device, but we’re not willing to make that assumption. This could be a special color backplate only available to the provider, or some kind of bundle. It’s hard to imagine Motorola would give their new device exclusivity to one carrier on Canada, but perhaps they’re comfortable with that. The push for this device seems to be unsubsidized ownership, as the price is said to be about $299.

What we do find interesting is the marketing strategy for the device, which is geared toward “Premium Mindset Youth”. While the specs for the X Phone aren’t earth-shaking, we’d like to think they’re more than a child’s device.

Another great thing about this? The launch date. The US market typically gets devices before Canada, so if that mid-August launch holds water, we could be seeing the X Phone here very soon. That July 11th launch may hold a little water, now. Whatever the case, it seems Canadians will now have an option to the White Nexus 4, which is also headed their way.

Rogers Moto X Phone

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