Streaming media is just the way to go these days, and the Roku streaming media player is one of the best out there. Roku owners have something to be happy about today as Roku has finally released their official Android App that lets you control that awesome little box with your Android device. The Roku Remote lets you do all the things you would expect from a streaming media remote while the interface looks great and is easy to use.  The app lets you navigate content already on your Roku box and allows you to remove or add new channels from the Roku Channel store. You can use instant replay, back and the option button as well as an on-screen keyboard for text entry. Any Roku owner knows how nice the touch keyboard feature will be as it sucks trying to navigate and type with a control pad & button.


Assuming you already own a box, you know how cool they are and you know that the stock remote can be easy to lose. I’ve been waiting for an official app to come out since I bought the Roku 2 XS, and it was worth the wait as the app is solid and runs well on my phone. There are some reports of compatibility issues, but the only issue I had was getting the box to recognize the app which was easily fixed by powering the Roku on & off. If you’re a Roku owner I would highly advise you to grab this app, you can find the Roku remote in the Android market for free.

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